I • MISSION is a text-based game designed to inform the player about hidden internet emissions. Not everyone is aware of the fact that internet usage emits carbon dioxide. Therefore, the goal of the game is to draw attention to emissions caused by internet usage and how it can affect the environment. This is done by gamification to display to the player how their internet habits can release carbon dioxide. The gameplay is based on alternative questions regarding the player's own internet habits.


The purpose of this project was to perform research based on players' own data. To investigate their own habits the player will be placed in front of different scenarios. In these scenarios they will have to make decisions regarding their internet usage that will affect the gamestate.


I • MISSION is an educational game with the goal to teach the player about carbon dioxide emissions caused by internet usage. Throughout the game, the player will be presented with questions that lead the player forward in the game. Each issue contributes differently to carbon dioxide emissions and the task is to avoid filling the carbon dioxide meter while at the same time not allowing the energy meter to empty. 

The aim of this game is to explain that all internet usage can cause large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions which can have a major impact on the climate.


One additional goal for this project was also to contribute to Digitala Universeum with a new concept and prototype. Therefore, this project has focused on creating a digital product. Despite this, we decided to exhibit at Visual Arena to show how this product can be used to entertain and inspire even in a physical exhibition. At the exhibit we used a few different devices for the player to interact with such as an iPad and a TV with a mouse connected to control the game.


I • MISSION 2020
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